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LongView Bible Church Family



Greetings LongView Bible Church Family! I miss each of you!


As the COVID-19 virus continues to spread globally as well as here in Maryland. Let us pray for the family of the first COVID-19 related death here in Maryland.


We continue to urge all members of LongView Bible Church to stay in doors and honor the directives of the Governor and local authorities. While this is a challenge, we also believe that ultimately this is an opportunity to serve and glorify the name of the Lord in new and more effective ways. We are determined that during this time, we will connect with each other and deepen our faith in Christ and “love one another” in deeper ways, with more genuineness than we have known in the past.

So, let’s pull together and watch the Lord in our midst and experience the fullness of joy in knowing that in a cloud of doubt that blankets the earth there is a HOPE from heaven. Let’s give our hearts to turning the COVID-19 crisis into God’s moment to be glorified!


How Can I Stay Connected?

•    Sunday, March 22nd, 10am we will worship the Lord via live-stream only. Access the service (1) thru our LongView Bible Church app on Apple iOS or Android devices (2) church website: longviewbible.org . You will also be able to access the Message Notes and Everyday Jesus Devotional. NOTE: Our A/V Ministry is preparing to receive requests and mail out CD’s of our services to our SeasonedView members.

•    Weekly Bible Study: Bible Study will return digitally on Wednesday, March 25th [more information will be provided by 3/22].

•    Daily Blog: Check out the LongView website daily for an encouraging blog [fancy name for a newsletter article]. Click on “Blog” on the far right end of the menu bar at the top of the screen. Blog posts will also appear on the LongView Bible Church Facebook page. Feel free to share the blog post with your friends.

•    Let’s Pray: We don’t want anyone to walk through this alone, please send your prayer requests to prayer@longviewbible.org  These requests will be forwarded to Edward and the Ministers & Elders for prayer. When you send in your request, indicate if you would like someone from LongView to call you directly for a time of prayer.

•    LongView Daily Prayer Line will begin on Monday, March 23rd, 7:15-7:30pm. Call-in and Access Number is forthcoming.

•    Let’s Call: We are organizing a team to lead up calling members of the LongView community. This is a great time to strengthen our connections with each other. These calls will also be a good time to communicate any concerns or needs you may have. Expect a call - soon.

•    Let’s Give: There is no better time to serve the Lord than right now, in this coronavirus crisis. Our seniors and members with pre-existing health concerns are at particular risk at this time. In the coming days, many of our Seniors within our community will need groceries.

1.      Gift Cards to local grocery stores for our Seniors and those in need, can be dropped off at the church through the secure, outside mailbox to the left of the main entrance doors. Or, mailed to: LongView Bible Church, PO Box 86, Owings Mills, MD 21117

2.      Give online at https://www.longviewbible.org/give or through our LongView Bible Church app. In addition to our regular giving, a new “CoronaVirus Emergency Response” category has been set up, please indicate where you would like your funds to be directed. Or give via mail at: LongView Bible Church, PO Box 86, Owings Mills, MD 21117.


How can I Serve?

One of the many joys I have experienced while serving at LongView is the heart of the people. Many have already volunteered to serve in anyway possible. Well here are a few specific ways that you can help right now:

•    Click here to volunteer to call and check on members of LongView. Guidelines will be provided.

•    Click here to volunteer to take groceries to our seniors and those in need. Guidelines will be provided to best ensure your safety while serving others.

•    Click here to volunteer to pray with those in need. We often say that ministry is not for the professional or those with a title. All of us can pray. Would you like to pray for the needs of others.

•    Click here to send a card or letter. There is an opportunity for all including our RisingView Youth to write and send cards of encouragement to members and visitors of LongView.


LongView family, let’s do this! We have said that this year was going to be focused on growing to know Christ as our King in deeper, more meaningful ways. What a God sized opportunity to glorify the Lord.



Much Love!




LongView Bible Church