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RisingView Youth Ministry

May 7, 2017


Most of us have memories growing up in a church even if it was a few infrequent visits with parents, friends or grandparents. Though we might have been too young to understand the message of the preacher, the feeling that we were somewhere important to us or at least to the persons we were surrounded by were inescapable. Depending on how often we went or even the spiritual message that was provided that day, if you are like myself, it left a lasting impression. Often times today children are written off as being too young to appreciate the message of the gospel and yet at the same time children are mastering complex electronic devices, they are being exposed to worldly topics and subjects that did not enter the purview of those within my generation until much later in life.

When we look at the advanced technology mastered by our youth and the exposure and conceptualization of advanced topics by them, I have come to appreciate all the simple messages that I was able to get from those Sunday sermons, namely; there is a God, His name is Jesus, He loves me and He has a specific way in which He expects me to live the life that He gave me. Yes, those are extremely basic tenants of the Bible but despite their simplicity…they are the same principles we are still grappling with as adults. Those simple principles have on many occasions saved my life and given me comfort in ways that secular education never could. Those principles have been a stream of living waters that I have found myself running back to after chasing the various “winds of the world” in all their vanity or foolish futility.

LongView Bible Church has Rising View, a ministry for our children. This ministry does for children what my childhood pastor did in an indirect way, it takes those simple principles of the Bible and expounds upon them in a way that the children can relate to in the growing complexity of their childhood and young adult life. The LongView children’s ministry headed by a handful of very mentally, physically, emotionally and most importantly SPIRITUALLY devoted adults, who have been blessed by our Lord to see impressive strides in knowledge, understanding, and appreciation for the word of God in the lives of our youth. Yes, as adults we have all strayed in various ways but for most of us it was the simple, but profound message of the Bible that we received on Sundays as children that has led us back to the Lord this day.

We should never underestimate the power of the Lord in the life of our children! We should never underestimate the impact that going to church and worshiping a God we have not yet fully come to understand but whose presence and power we can see in fellow worshippers and most importantly like myself I hope we never underestimate the power of the seeds of truth that we may be blessed by our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ to cultivate into the hearts and minds of our youth!

Right now they are learning to memorize scripture, the significance of who Christ is and what His sacrifice meant for them along with all the mighty prophets God used in His infinite power and wisdom for our eternal salvation. If you too feel an appreciation for the simple but life long impacting messages you received as a child struggling to stay awake and fearful of your ears getting pinched (That’s a personal memory, sorry.), then I implore you to consider joining this lifelong impactful ministry. We all pray they don’t stray, but let’s be honest, they may stray but at least they will know where to go to reconnect with their Heavenly Father, just like I did and perhaps just like you.

Currently we will be need 24 or more volunteers. There are three age groups you can volunteer for from toddlers, to children, to teenagers. Each lesson is tailored to the needs and maturity of the particular age group. There are always two teachers for each group and after LongView moves into our new location each age group will be able to have their own learning space. As much flexibility will be provided as possible for class scheduling and each person is expected to teach no more than one Sunday out of the month. It is God’s love and mercy that He is willing to deal with and fix us broken adults and maybe we can share that love and mercy by strengthening, educating and guiding our youth in the way they should go…in God’s Love and Wisdom. If interested please see Chuck or Tanya McFadden for further details.

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