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Women Of The Bible

July 2, 2017


Moving is always a good time to go through, find and sometimes trash old stuff we’ve long since forgotten.  With a couple recent moves under my belt I came across this study I made during my art school days years ago.  Some of us may recognize it as a National Geographic cover from “83-’84 or so.  Some time after making this piece it struck me that this is not just an image of an Afghan woman, with the stare and the expression its also the women of the Bible when…

  • Sarah, who laughed at the thought of bearing such an important child at her age, only to find the men talking with Abraham, under the oaks of Mamre, were the voice of the Lord.  Gen 18:15

  • Elizabeth, who also late in years was to bear a son, with the “spirit and power” of Elijah, preparing the way for the promised messiah.  Luk 1:24-25

  • Mary, mother of Jesus, greatly distressed at the address from the angel that she, blessed among women, would bring forth the One called the Son of the Most High.  Luk 1:28-34

  • The Samaritan woman at the well in Sychar where Jesus, a Jew and breaking cultural norms, addresses and shows her respect with His concern for her needs.  Luk 4:7-10

  • Certainly, the woman at Jesus feet who by law was to be stoned, yet in the grace that is from Christ alone came the words “…Neither do I condemn you, go and sin no more”.  Joh 8:10-11

There are other examples to be sure, though collectively the love, grace and mercy of Christ fulfills the law.  Throughout human history and through our age God has honored women, even defying the norms of culture.  In the wake of this Mothers Day, men of LongView and men of courage everywhere, lets take extra care to honor the women in our lives as He has given example.

Always looking forward to seeing you all next time, Scott

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