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Do Not Neglect Your Salvation

August 7, 2017


Bible Study: Better>

Last week in our Wednesday night class we continued our discussion through the Book of Hebrews as we look at how Christ is Better>.

We came across this question from Hebrews 2:3a that allowed for a great point of personal meditation, with this question: how shall we escape if we neglect such a great salvation? It is question that demands serious personal introspection.

In your daily, personal time and relationship with Christ, how much time do you spend tending to your salvation? When I read that question while preparing to teach Bible Study, I had to ask do I neglect or take for granted my salvation. Do I honestly think and more importantly, thank God “rightly” about my salvation? It is because I didn’t like my initial answer and also because as I repented and started to think differently about my salvation, that peace and joy took hold in my life in a new and refreshing way.

Let me share two illustrations to clarify. 

Last month, I was away for my annual Chicago trip for the Moody Bible Institute Pastor’s Conference. I absolutely need this week away every year to reflect, rest and be ministered to. This was my 12th year going, and I come back better and more effective – every year. However, something happened while I was gone. When I left Baltimore at the beginning of the week, there were no weeds in my backyard. When I returned, a week and several days of rain later, my yard was overrun with weeds – everywhere. I was away doing, something good and necessary. Yet, just that fast, weeds cropped up. That is a real life picture of what happens to us when we neglect our spiritual garden. Even, when we are doing good, holy and necessary things, we have to pay attention to our salvation, or weeds will crop up and overrun our life.

Here is another personal illustration. Several years ago my father gave me a baseball glove. It was a cool gift, but it was a right handed glove that had no value to me because I am left handed. So, I treated that glove with little regard. I would use it as second base, when playing with the neighborhood kids. So we would run on the glove or slide into it. It never bothered me what happened to that glove because it was of little use to “me”. One day I even left it out in the rain, but no worries, it was just an old useless glove. Then – about 5 or so years ago, my father told me a story about my grandfather, that I had never heard before. The short version of the story is that my grandfather was recruited and moved the family from Winston-Salem, North Carolina to Reading, Pennsylvania to play semi-pro baseball in one of the Negro Leagues. I think you get what that means.

That old, useless right handed glove was not any old glove. Rather, it was a glove passed down from my grandfather to his son to me, his grandson. It is not the possible dollar amount that, that glove may be worth. Rather, it is the historic and family sentimental value that keeps that old glove on my mind. How I treated that old glove is a constant reminder of how I am to respect the gifts that I receive.

So it is with our salvation. Don’t neglect, don’t take for granted, the gift of your salvation. Instead, we are to spend time thinking on our salvation in Christ. Salvation is what Christ did for us on the cross. Christ, saved us from the penalty of sin, the power of sin and the presence of sin! If we neglect our salvation and let weeds grow up or leave it out in the rain because of our shallow view of this great gift, then we have no way to peace, joy, wholeness…

How do we escape our pain and emptiness and the scourge of our past, if we neglect Christ’s saving work. So, how much time do you spend thanking God daily for your salvation? Do you pay attention to what God saved you from or are there weeds in your relationship with God?

how shall we escape if we neglect such a great salvation?

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